Nike x Undercover
Gyakusou Holiday 2016

In the words of Satisfy founder Brice Partouche; “running is like meditation,” which might very well the best medicine to keep your mind in the right place at the moment. In that particular realm, the Nike x Undercover Gyakusou Holiday 2016 collection just dropped as part of the ongoing collaboration between Nike and Undercover’s Jun Takahashi, that has entered its sixth year. Each Gyakusou collection builds upon the last, blending innovation with Takahashi’s creative punk spirit and athletic sensibilities. The new collection notably reflects Nike’s approach to transformative design, as select items are designed to reduce distraction by being easily packable. Since the very beginning, Takahashi made the Gyakusou color palette to blend well with both the urban and natural landscape using earthy colors and the traditional colors of Japan, this season also debuting some contrasting colors in the palette. Another first time is the fact that Takahashi features in the lookbook created for the new collection. Next to the photography, an impressive video was additionally produced, in which the Japanese visionary expresses his vision for what he has been aiming to create with Gyakusou in the last six years. Very impressive, if you would ask us.

Takahashi on the meditative nature of running and the philosophy of Gyakusou:

Running is my biggest source of creativity. It makes sense that I create apparel and footwear to support my running, which I dedicate time to everyday. I don’t know why, but I’ve always had a strong desire to express my feelings through apparel.

Gyakusou literally means “running in reverse,” which I actually do in the park. It represents my own punk-inspired rebel spirit. I don’t always have a goal, like a race to train for, but running has become a steady part of my daily life, just like anyone else.

“Running in reverse” in Japanese; “Gyakusou”, derives from the counterclockwise direction in which GIRA runs through Tokyo’s Yoyogi park, bucking tradition. The new collection in particular, but basically every Gyuakusou collection that has been put out, draws from this rebel spirit and determines to ensure athletes run without distraction by finding the mental and meditative clarity for which Takahashi strives.

The collection is available at selected retailers and online here