We are very proud to have had a part in the creation of this remarkable project: Minute, a fast, powerful, compact and maneuverable bike for the city. A mini commuter with remarkable small wheels and a durable steel frame. Based on the idea of the Mini Velo, a popular choice in large Asian urban areas, Minute is the ultimate city bike made to last a lifetime. Minute is the first non-custom bike produced by Behave Bicycles, a small Dutch company with big ambitions. The brains and the craft behind the company and therefore Minute is Elian Veltman, a young talented, yet very experienced designer, best known for his handmade custom bikes and acclaimed Cargo bike. Elian is not afraid to opt for alternative solutions in the service of the outcome, which is exemplified in his creation of Minute.

The small wheels of Minute are one of those deliberate choices by Veltman. Small wheels are stronger, lighter and more agile. Nevertheless, they are just as speedy as larger wheels; most of the speed records are achieved on small-wheeled bicycles. Minute was developed into a men’s and women’s model. Both bicycles feature a duomatic system with two gears and back-pedal brake. In front of the bike a sleek, practical luggage porter is attached, completed with quick-release straps to secure your bag. Concluding; Minute features all the conveniences one needs when cycling in a modern urban environment.

Minute will be sold in the course of 2014 through a select network of retailers. The close collaboration with qualitative bicycle shops ensures Minute drivers with great advice and maintenance.

The first hundred bicycles are offered from today in pre-sale as a limited edition, numbered and decorated with stainless steel fenders and a Brooks saddle. Make sure to order your personal numbered Minute here!

See also the special edition Minute made for Another Something & Company. A shiny all black everything bike. We love it!