Maison D’Amore

The brainchild of Australian creatives Hayley Bonham and Nadia Rosa, Maison D’Amore was born out of the ambitious desire to create a range of candles that would rival the world’s best. Partnering with one of the most respected French perfumers and created under art direction of Jo Cutri, Maison D’Amore is an Australian-designed Parisian-made luxury fragrance house, producing fine perfumed candles explicitly for him and her – which still sets them apart in a field which slowly sees its gender borders come down. The Maison D’Amore’s packaging features a minimal elegance using black and white design, which was debuted to the world in 2012 with two candles. The first is ‘Fleur & Rhubarb’, a feminine scent comprised of jasmine, magnolia and grapefruit, along with keynotes of rose, rhubarb and peony and the subtle scent of mimosa musk. The second is ‘Feuille de Tabac’, a smoky, gentleman’s fragrance made of tobacco leaves and elemi wood, with base notes of cinnamon, honey and vanilla.

Maison D’Amore has a clear philosophy; to produce the highest quality, luxury candles that’s composition and sophistication triggers a lasting memory through each of their own bespoke scents.

Maison D’Amore’s ‘Fleur & Rhubarbe’ – as stated more so a feminine scent – is fresh and floral through the ingredients of jasmine and magnolia cut with a hint of grapefruit, leaving a subtle and uplifting fragrance perfect for Summer nights. Floral scents can sometimes be too heavily penetrating, but a very delicate and elegant balance was found within ‘Fleur & Rhubarbe’.

The scent of tobacco leaves is beautifully rich and creamy in the second Maison D’Amore candle – named conveniently ‘Feuille de Tabac’. When burning the candle the woodiness clearly lingers, leaving a warm, comforting and seductive masculine scent in the room, which may have the feel of a masculine fragrance, a female will very likely enjoy it just as much.

We can’t wait for more by Maison D’Amore.

Campaign photography by Pierre Toussaint.

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