Metamorfica by Studio Flud

Studio Fludd, a multidisciplinary creative collective based in Venice, Italy, recently released an aesthetic handmade collection called Metamorfica – Change and Persistence. The collection of necklaces was inspired by a Geology essay from the year 1830: “An attempt to explain the former changes of the earth’s surface, by reference to causes now in operation.” by Charles Lyell on the Principles of Geology. Studio Flud believes in high quality materials, artisanal manufacturing and extensive visual research, which are the principles from which they also created this fascinating collection.

The different necklaces reflect a personal journey to the centre of the Earth by travelling across its surface. Imperceptibly slow transformations and sudden explosions bring substances into four geologically active states of matter. Named Gneiss, Marl & Mica, Breccia; the unpredictable necklaces are the sum of high quality materials, artisanal manufacturing and focussed visual research. When you buy the jewel, it comes in a beautiful risograph printed origami envelope.

The creative collective was founded in 2008. The group derived its name from the alchemist Robert Fludd; like the scientist the collective aims to transmute base matter through the empiric process. Most of the undertaken projects experiment with mixtures and combinations: from graphic design to illustration, from printing to installation and self- produced design. The leitmotif of its research is a very fluid approach towards the visual languages and a significant interest for craftsmanship.

Buy the limited necklaces exclusively online here.