Lunettes Kollektion

Berlin-based Lunettes Kollektion translates iconic frames from fashion history to create modern classics. Designer and founder, Uta Geyer’s, philosophy stems from the concept of honoring the past while living in the now. As child of an artistic family Geyer regularly tagged along with her sculptor father on trips through thousands of museums and historical buildings, training her eye for shape and form. In 2006, Geyer opened the Lunettes Selection store in Berlin, which quickly gained a large following. Lunettes also developed as a go-to source for theater, television, and film productions, as well as fashion shoots, and its global following grew among those in-the-know thanks to Geyer’s online shop. In 2009 Geyer opened a second Lunettes Selection shop and launched the premier collection for Lunettes Kollektion, blending a fashion-forward thinking with the annals of style. Recent collaborations with rising names in fashion like Louise Gray, James Long, ODEEH, Christopher Shannon and Michael van der Ham show the brand’s deep connection with the best European design, promising a lot for the future. Make sure to keep an eye on the brand.

Steeped in tradition, but effortlessly modern, Uta Geyers’ Lunettes Kollektion offers well-made original eyewear that pulses with the energy of Berlin’s contemporary street life while reminding us of the city’s elegance in days gone by. Combining a playful approach with sophisticated wit, Geyer and her designs pay modernist homage to the past.

Uta Geyer’s love of classic craftsmanship is reflected in her choice of artisanal and small businesses on the production side. Lunettes Kollektion frames start with the highest quality cellulose acetate, a natural raw material that is the speciality of Italy’s Mazzucchelli, which has been plying its craft since 1849. They are assembled by hand at a small family-run factory in Northern Italy, and packaged in exclusive boxes made from recycled materials created by Berlin book bindery Ernst Liess, est. 1869. The quality of these providers makes for a perfect match with Geyer’s refined but edgy designs.

For the latest collection and accompanying imagery which were shot by David Fisher in a collaboration with stylist Samira Fricke, the brand muses on the allure of Moroccan city Marrakesh: the mysteries of the Souk, the explosions of color, the way deeply imbedded roots of tradition meet daily with the energy of the new. Marrakesh has dazzled the senses of legends from fashion and the arts, be it Yves Saint Laurent, Serge Lutens, Paul and Jane Bowles, and now inspired a collection and series with a perfect mood, making us wish for Summer to come.

These new Marrakesh-inspired models will move you to stroll dreamily in lush gardens, meditatively sip mint tea, and take in the sun… behind a pair of carefully chosen shades.

Photography by David Fischer.

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