Liquides Perfume Bar

The new concept perfume-bar named Liquides in Paris which opened on the 17th of April and was founded by David Frossard’s Different Latitudes, a label for independent perfumers founded in 2005, and designer Philippe Di Méo, is a true mecca for fragrance lovers. Located conveniently at 9 rue de Normandie in the historical Marais neighborhood; which has the air of 17th century Paris and over the last couple of years has become the destination of choice for niche fragrance connoisseurs. On that part Liquides adds significant value to the neighborhood’s reputation offering a broad scala of scents, from rare personalized perfumes, to fragrances from major perfume houses including ByredoMiller HarrisOdinArquisteJardins de France and Olfactive Studio.

The perfume-bar itself has been designed by Philippe Di Méo, who created the retail space to accommodate both the mentioned selection of perfumes by renowned perfume houses as well as his own Liquides Imaginaires which were previously only available at L’Eclaireur. Under the eponym Liquides Imaginaires Di Méo has created three limited edition scents with the Latin names, Sancti, Fortis and Tumultu. Each scent represents three different interpretations of the incense theme brought to life through a sacred dimension where their decorative bottles feature various religious symbols from Christianity to Kabbalah, Islam and Paganism.

When entering the bar the eyes see rows of fragrances in glass bottles lined up in the shelves, with an actual bar enabling customers to sample the selection of scents. We can’t wait to visit Liquides in the near future ourselves!

Via Yatzer