l’Equipe de Nîmes

I’ve been at Tenue de Nîmes from the very first beginning. As the creative partner, I am responsible for the identity of Tenue de Nîmes. This includes the graphic design, the concept of the store’s interior and both the prints – the Journal and Nouvelle de Nîmes – we’ve published. Although I started as a graphic designer, I can’t say I still am today. My motto “Creative Direction in Elegant Creativity” is the starting point for everything I touch and work with. Whether it is an exhibition design on the history of jeans in the Centraal Museum, an identity for a series of skin care stores, a national Dutch stamp -soon- or an advertising campaign for a leading baby stroller brand. And even on a personal level, my private collections of vintage denim aprons, antique money bags or Japanese Kokeshi dolls, they’re all rooted in this elegant creativity.

It’s my believe to balance all ingredients in order to create a very clear, relevant and aesthetically pleasing story or image. To create a space where people feel comfortable and feel the gentle need to open a book, start a conversation or just enjoy the moment. The inspiration that formed the root of Tenue de Nîmes is a quote by Winston Churchill:

The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.

Denim, with its history going back much further than Levi’s, is a timeless piece of garment that will stay with us for many, many more decades. If we are able to know and understand its history, we will be able to continue the tale and be part of the rich and fascinating story of jeans. Let’s aim for that!

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