Ad Tempus by Henry Richmond Young

Recent innovations made in the 3D printing technology really inspire us. A field of 3D printing technology that profoundly amazes is the use within the food industry. One of the designers using the technology is the New York-based Henry Richmond V. Young who earned a BFA in Product Design from Parsons the New School for Design and has a transdisciplinary approach in his work. With great interest in music, cuisine, and perfumery, his work grows to focus on experience and ephemera. Young’s most recent project, Ad Tempus, is a series of dessert plating arrangements that aims to connect food and design. Young collaborated with chef Veronica Duboise to create the series, which is designed to adapt and evolve.

Through heavy ideation and constant dialogue, the idea of exploration and discovery came about and is highlighted by a three-course dessert tasting. The first course, Toast is pain perdu, maple gelée and pamplemousse sorbet concealed under a crust of white chocolate to be excavated by the diner. Milk/Tea is a “soup” course created by the performance of two state changes as hot rose milk is poured over to dissolve a lemon sugar dome to later melt the chrysanthemum sorbet served with pomegranate seeds. Finally, Crémeux is pistachio crémeux with chocolate mousse under a shield of a clear vanilla sugar tuille to be hacked by the diner.

This project uses 3D printing as a mode of manufacturing, which avoids the excess cost of tooling, and also provides the freedom to change material and form, and ignores the concept of batch minimums. The series is designed to be interchangeable and repurposed to lengthen its usage and promote new ideas.