Correspondence by JJJJound

We have been following the in 2006 founded blog JJJJound by Justin R. Saunders for quite some years now. The mood board Saunders shares with friends has over the years evolved into a steady destination for all kinds of aesthetic inspiration. One of the friends who collaborates with Saunders on JJJJound is Claudio Marzano, with whom he created the first offline JJJJound exhibition named CORRESPONDENCE supported by adidas originals. 

The creative cooperation between Saunders and Marzano dates back to 1993; twenty years over which their obsessive consumption of visual culture has shifted from print to screen, in step with the rise of the Internet. Countless emails containing selected  images taken from the world wide web were sent between them over that period. A recent string of emails has resulted in CORRESPONDENCE, which opened at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery in Los Angeles on the 7th of June. In the exhibition a selection of recent emails have been reproduced as 4′ x 6′ oil paintings, by commercial artists offering “competitive labor costs” from the Wushipu Oil Painting Village in Xiamen, China.

The exhibition will run at the HVW8 Art + Desing Gallery until the 7th of July, make sure to visit when in Los Angeles.

And stay inspired at JJJJound!