100 years old Richard Verascope camera

As we are collectors ourselves we love stories like this particular one about a more then 100 years old Richard Verascope camera. Chris Hughes of A Nerds World came across it at an estate in the Niagara Falls where he purchased the rare camera previously owned by the French Army. The Richard Verascope camera was developed in the late 1800s as one of the first stereoscopic cameras in a reasonably compact form-factor. As it was French-made it is known to be a camera which travelled with the army during World War I to document the battlefield.

And with the acquired specimen Hughes turned out to be highly fortunate when it comes to battlefield  documentation. The camera from the Niagara Falls was still in pristine condition and included the original leather carrying case. Even the glass slides inside the camera were still unharmed. After examining them they turned out to be phenomenal treasures as each slide is a unique piece of history in photographic form. The photographs include soldiers on the battlefield, prisoners being walked down a street, a bomb explosion and an early tank. On one of the glass plates is the French village Laffaux written. On another the West Flemish town Diksmuide.

A wonderful insightful treasure!

(via A Nerds World)