Goudkuipjes Mooiste

With a little under two weeks of running time left, make sure to drop by Amsterdam’s Rapha Cycle Club to catch the insightful exhibition named ‘Goudkuipjes Mooiste’ focussing on the career of one of Holland’s most successful road riders: Hennie Kuiper. In the last year opened Cycle Club right in the heart of the beautiful historical center of Amsterdam, on the 9 streets and around the corner of our own studio, the olympic champion, world champion, five-time Tour de France stage victor and multiple one-day Classics winner is honored in an elegant overview. Both through beautiful photography and all kinds of original treasures his numerous accomplishments and accompanying stories of his greatest victories (and defeats) in the career of the cyclist also known as ‘The Gentleman’ have been integrated seamlessly in the space. When in Amsterdam make sure to drop by!

Statistics don’t do justice to a cyclist who, at the unforgettable 1983 Paris-Roubaix, had a mechanical with 6km to go but still held on to win the race, and one who achieved victory twice atop the legendary Alpe d’Huez.

Between the famous canals woven into the the heart of the 9 streets, the Rapha Cycle Club Amsterdam was opened in April of 2015. Tales of glory, pain or suffering transcends their memory in this historical neighborhood. This reminisce of Golden Age Amsterdam brings a charming mixture of designer boutiques, art galleries, charming eateries and great ambience. The cycling infrastructure opens up unlimited possibilities for exploring the city or the nearby surrounding countryside with its endless roads. The Cycle Club and the city offer a perfect starting point for a ride which embraces both new and old explorations.

When visiting ‘Goudkuipjes Mooiste’ before it closes on the 27th of February at the RCC AMS on the Wolvenstraat 10 in Amsterdam make sure to check out the printed matter accompanying the exhibition which were designed by Atelier Joachim Baan.

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