Cleartones Pure

Say hello to the completely updated website and a new set of Cleartones by our good friend Hugo Verweij – with a newly illustrated world by yours truly Another Company.
The new set, the Cleartones Pure, is based on the ‘sine wave’. The sine wave is the only sound in the world which can be called a pure tone. In fact it is the only sound consisting of a single frequency, without overtones.  This seems a good starting point for a set of minimalist ringtones, but a single sine wave by itself doesn’t sound very compelling. Hugo carefully sculpted it using techniques like frequency modulation and subtle effects can definitely bring it to life.

The result is a set of gentle ringtones and notifications sounds with a pleasant, modern twist. The original Cleartones concept was to offer ringtones which are clean, simple and unobtrusive, yet pleasant to listen to. Cleartones Pure is no different.
Inspired by this simplicity we designed the ‘Cleartones World’. A simple and serene illustrated world combining the woods for the Organic Ringtones, the mountains for the Classic set and the sea for this newest addition the Pure set. You’ll get the wallpapers together with the ringtones, so just hit the buy button and you’re all set.

A single set of 50 ringtones or 50 notification sounds can be purchased for $10 each, while the two combined will provide you with enough sounds to choose from for a long time for $17.
The complete lineup of Cleartones product now consists of the new sine wave based Cleartones Pure, the acoustic, recorded Cleartones Organic and the original Cleartones Classic.