Marweather headwear

Launched only a couple of weeks ago we like to introduce to you a new headwear company called Marweather. The company has a clear, and in my eyes attractive, vision: “With a true commitment to craft and thoughtful design, each piece from our collection is individually made by hand with exceptional fabrics, leathers, and hardware.” 

Marweather offers at this point three different models: the Superior Cap made out of 8.5 oz waxed cotton which is dyed and finished in New Jersey, the Mendota Cap cut out of 6 oz selvedge chambray and the Hudson Cap which is made out of 12.2 oz natural indigo dyed raw selvedge denim. The last two materials are both woven on vintage shuttle looms in Ibara-shi, a small city in the Okayama prefecture of Japan. The leather straps on the hats are produced from halfhides of special 5.5 oz Essex Natural vegetable tanned cowhide from the Horween Leather Company in Chicago. And even the brim, oftenly overlooked, is made out of quality Portuguese cork layered between natural cotton muslin that is pressed by hand in the Marweather studio. The result is a flexible brim that can be folded in your back pocket, but that retains subtle shapeholding qualities.

All with a great eye for detail, and very nice branded by Lisa Hedge of Partners & Spade.