The Vintage Showroom

Port Magazine made a lovely video featuring The Vintage Showroom, a company formed in 2007 to house an ever growing archive of vintage showroom and accessories collected by Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett. In the following years the company has become one of the leading resources for vintage menswear in the UK, with their archive covering the early mid 20th century and specializing in international work, military and sports clothing, classic English tailoring and country wear. Douglas and Roy have divided their business in two particular ends. On the one side there is the appointment only showroom/studio mainly used by designers and stylists which is situated near London’s Notting Hill. On the other end there is the, open for everyone, retail outlet located on Earlham Street in Covent Garden’ Seven Dials.

This month Douglas and Roy fulfilled another ambition they had beside their store and showroom; the first book by the duo with the title Vintage Menswear was released by Laurence King Publishing. The book features 130 of the most influential examples of 20th-century and earlier European, American and Asian utilitarian tailoring and design. Vintage Menswear is divided into three sections of sportswear, militaria and workwear, covering everything from 1940s flying jackets and polar exploration suits to vintage French denims. It’s a hardback book filled with 400 colour illustrations in 304 pages.

And it didn’t stop with the book, also this month Douglas en Roy released  another publication, this time doing it all by themselves; SHOWROOM Vol. I. The content of the high culture publication is concerned with extracting from mainstay themes and timeless aesthetics. From its implementation, the publication has been approached as an art project with it’s intention being to visualise worthwhile conceptual reference material as opposed to charting what is on-trend. And for an impression of SHOWROOM Vol. I see here.

(As shared by Tenue de Nîmes)