Eastie Empire

During our London visit another great treasure was presented to us by our friends at Sane. The London based Eastie Empire impressed us profoundly. The British sports heritage label, combining all the good traditions of tailoring with bespoke vintage style fabrics delivers in every way. Their alliance with long established British mills is key to generating the high standard of fabric which is used. In thi process old manufacturing techniques are revived to deliver the shown authenticity and style with substance.

The inspiration for the label comes from as they state themselves vintage sportsmen, adventurers and gentlemen. This is found in antiques markets, archive photo libraries, auctions, vintage fairs, museums and art galleries. The collection consists of button-up shirts, waistcoats, sweaters, jackets with a strong heritage feel and different length trousers all within the Victorian esthetic, mostly from a sports point of view.

The autumn/winter 2012 collection is available starting this august.