Recently we were introduced to an extraordinary new premium members-only webstore named Dymant. The initiative brings together beauty and utility, tradition and innovation, know-how and design, heritage and future. Each creation is made following the idea of ‘temps juste’: the time needed to achieve perfection. As a result, every object offered requires many hours of patient and precise work, which can’t be rushed. Everything one finds in the elegant Dymant environment is the product of passion and the expertise of gesture mastered by talented craftsmen such as a cabinetmaker, a jeweler, engraver, lace-maker, glass blower. All limited-edition creations, combining traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. On top of that, the fine products are reserved for Dymant’s private club members only, which are introduced by invitation only. When you become a member, you can welcome five persons to the club, making it potentially the perfect destination for incredible products, just for you and your personal circle.

The creators of the webstore follow the path of the Dymant brothers. During the 19th century they were looking for the finest European craftsmen to fulfill the needs of their international clientele

The purpose of Dymant’s foundation is to broadcast the exceptional wealth of French iconic know how, based on the mastery of high end traditional techniques certified by the labels of excellence.

We are particularly appealed by the tremendous hourglass offered by Dymant. In contemporary times the entity of time is own of the most precious and most elusive obsessions to have. The desire to control time is as strong as the fire needed to shape the glass. The hourglass is crafted by a glassmaker honored twice with the title of Best Craftsman of France; Meilleur Ouvrier de France. For more than a century, the tradition has been perpetuated in his family.

Leading French creative design studio Cent Degré was responsible for the design of the hourglass. The elegant key touch in the design is the golden ring, which rests on the asymmetrical hourglass’s wasp waist. This golden ring is manufactured by a smelter certified with Living Heritage Companies label, and enables you to stop the sand from running if closed. When turning golden ring, your can hear the soft musical rythm of the spheres on the glass. Such an amazing object!

Make sure to be introduced to the wonderful world of Dymant, if you can make it happen.

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