Inventory Magazine 11

We’ve been following the great Inventory Magazine since it grew out of the late h(y)r collective back in 2010. For the all new issue 11, which has been launched on several locations worldwide during the last week, the magazine has updated its look trough minor elegant touches. Both the design and format are renewed beautifully, without losing the Inventory feel, with the first cover feature in the new form focussing on the legendary Visvim founder and designer Hiroki Nakamura. Nakamura was shot by Mark Borthwick, volume 4’s cover star, in a new distinctive style that uses two contrasting images of the designer, rather than the single, oversized shot that typically fronted the magazine in its former style. The new issue also includes pieces on Margaret Howell, Yohji Yamamoto, Oliver Payne, and John Gluckow. There’s also a contribution from Russian multitalented designer and photographer Gosha Rubchinskiy​, who designs his exciting eponymous line assisted by Comme des Garçons since last year and recently worked with Supreme. Inventory never disappoints.

Cover star Hiroki Nakamura has been an iconic name in fashion for many years now, consistently offering a mixture between garments of the highest quality with timeless designs appealing to both purists as those who are led my trends through his brand Visvim. He approaches fashion with vagrant fascination. Working in menswear, most notably at snowboard brand Burton, in his earlier years, he’s seen trends come and go, clothing become more generic and it’s quality downgraded. In a revealing interview with 01 Magazine he states on his start:

I always wanted to make my own product. I wanted to create something authentic. I have been studying what other brands had produced and I felt the need to produce my own.

It changed when he actually created Visvim in the first year of this millennium, rooted out of all his experience and disappointments with other brands, which instantly grew into a product that fulfilled the authenticity that he was searching for. Never hunted by the need to rush things, Nakamura’s Visvim has been producing at the highest level ever since, with both in the shoe-line as the apparel a string of iconic designs which have left a sincere mark on fashion from the eruption.

In order to continuously develop nice products, you need to have the time. Sometimes it takes years in my head before I can start to develop and produce a product. There are products that just came into the market now that have been works in progress for the last ten years!

We love the story and vision of Nakamura. With Inventory Magazine as the perfect observer and sounding board for gifted individuals like Visvim’s founder.

Order the amazing issue 11 of Inventory Magazine via a selected local retailer or online via Antenne Books here.