De Gevonden op Marktplaats-Salon

Julien Rademaker is one of those people who has successfully translated his love for collecting into a personal blog project named Gevonden op Marktplaats, which gathered a large following rather quickly, making it the most-desirable location on the internet for every Dutch seller to be mentioned on. Julien uses his platform to showcase an ongoing curation of rare and stand-out furniture, objects, art, and other curiosities that he spots on Marktplaats, which is the Dutch equivalent of Ebay. As the digital world still quite lacks the aura of the materialized world, Julien has stretched the horizon of his project once again, after doing his first live event ‘Spullen waar we niks vanaf weten’ in December 2012, together with architect Samir Bantal he now presents: ‘De Gevonden op Marktplaats-Salon’ taking place the 5th until the 8th of June. Where in 2012 Julien and Samir only did a small exposition/sale of curated goods, the two friends now will fill up a large space on the Looigersgracht 60 in Amsterdam, which they arranged in different thematic areas or rooms; from baroque, Memphis Milano to Hollywood Regency.

On Thursday, June 5, the four-day showcase will start giving the exclusive curated perspective on all the beauty Marktplaats has to offer. Julien and Samir seek to blow new life into the items they see as special, contextualizing them optimally in their particular vision through the different interiors created in the space. Everything in the salon will, naturally, be for sale, so everyone visiting with the intention to buy: make sure you have the Marktplaats app installed!

The decor of the salon is the beautiful Looiersgracht 60, in the middle of Amsterdam. With respect for its former purpose, the old industrial space has now a days been given a new life as a space for exhibitions, lectures and other events. Visible traces of the past form a unity with the sleek finished floor in the bright, open space. An inspiring place in which Julien and Samir feel they can tell their story best.

We really look forward to this!

Photography by Dim Balsem, the suits worn by Julien and Samir are a very interesting new project by Bonne Reijn.

For more information  on the event see here and make sure to follow Julien’s Gevonden op Marktplaats here.