IRÈNE Erotic Fanzine

Launched in London in April 2011, IRÈNE was born out of the desire of three young women, Geneviève Eliard, Esthèle Girardet and Lucie Santamans, to revive some forgotten values of eroticism. Soon-after they moved back to Paris where they continued their adventure. IRÈNE explores elegant eroticism by following surrealistic references as well as popular icons or contemporary photography. Around erotic poems, texts, photographs and collages, IRÈNE leads the way on the land of an elegant, modern and feminine eroticism that was unloaded of any vulgarity. The process of creation of IRÈNE is based on an erotic poem deconstructed, then reconstructed as an exquisite corpse. Each word represents an idea developed with talent by international contributors. After the first issue, which was exclusively released online, IRÈNE also became available in a paper version. Now a days it is a multidisciplinary platform; a website, a blog and the organization of creative and sensual events for her admirers and contributors to join her erotic journey. Recently the beautiful issue #5 was released.

We try to work towards a more sensual, more feminine, softer, more refined eroticism. The fact that we are three girls probably pushed it. We had to show that there are things less trash, less raw. After all, there needs to be something for everyone, I know there are people who prefer harder images, but we really wanted to show you some poetry.

Issue #5 which was released on the 22nd of April at Le Salon in Paris, is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies and features a interesting list of contributors. Cape Town-based Kent Andreasen, Aurélien Bacquet; who hardly shoots people normally, Maxime Ballesteros, Romain Brunet, Lukasz Wierzbowski, Mara Zampariolo, editor-in-chief of Prussian Blue Magazine; Guillaume De Sardes and Martina Giammaria and Alberto Moreu of SPLEEN Magazine are among the list of the talented contributors.

The magazine is available at selected bookstores in Paris and online here, for more information see here.