David Cohen de Lara

We have been following the talented photographer David Cohen de Lara for a while now and have appreciated his incredible work ever since we first found it. David’s portrait photography is diverse in style, but always beautiful, full of mystery and character. Through his cinematic and atmospheric images he reveals an authentic sense of beauty and personality in the real and the uninhibited. We can’t take our eyes off his intriguing images. 

After getting his masters in cultural sociology, David started his career as an advertising creative. Throughout his life photography had always been one of his creative outlets, which eventually led him to give up his advertising job in order to pursue photography full time. He spent several years assisting a number of international fashion photographers while continuing to grow his own style and aesthetic. Soon after he started creating his own fashion work he was approached and signed by his first agent, which led him to find wider audience.

My approach to fashion photography is quite similar to portraiture or documentary work. I find the beauty in my subjects and try to bring that forward in a natural way. I try to tell a story the way I see it, without changing too much about it.’

David Cohen de Lara was born in The Netherlands and currently divides his time between Sydney and Amsterdam as well as shooting on location worldwide.  His distinctive and natural style has attracted international clients like Levi’s Vintage Clothing, O’Neill, Tommy Hilfiger, Denham, Calvin Klein, and Marie Claire.

David is represented in Australia by Sam I Am and in Europe by Unit.

All photographs courtesy of the photographer.

For information and work by David see his website, make also sure to follow the photographer on Tumblr.