Peter Bellerby the Globemaker

Following on from last year’s inspirational ‘American Craftsmen in Britain‘ profiles, which we really liked, Shinola and Jocks&Nerds have collaborated again in a series named ‘Community of Craft’, which resulted in a unique series of pop-up events in Shinola’s London shop. Over the coming months, five craftspeople will set up their own shops within the Shinola store. Members of the public can watch them work, learn what is involved in their craft, and purchase their own bespoke items. The third profile in the series focusses on Peter Bellerby, the London-based artisan globemaker of Bellerby & Co Globemakers. From the stand, to the artwork, the painting and map-making, each of the globes is expertly crafted using traditional and modern globemaking techniques, and is lovingly produced in their North London studio. The globes by Bellerby & Co have been used in Hollywood movies, in BBC and ITV productions as well as by established artists. Next to receiving customers from around the world searching for only the finest when it comes to globes.

Peter on how he started Bellerby & Co Globemakers:

I had intended to buy a globe for my father’s 80th birthday, but quickly realized that the only things out there were either fragile antiques or aesthetically poor modern versions. Rather ambitiously, I set out to make one myself. It ended up taking me two years to make that first globe. There are no master globemakers still alive and the skills and techniques died with them, so I had to work it out completely on my own – that was seven years ago.

And what makes his job so special:

We all love what we do and are happy to come to work everyday. I realise I am very lucky. We are making a product we are proud of and I am able to employ talented local artisans and craftsmen. Together we have revived what was for the most part a forgotten art.

As part of the collaboration between Shinola and Jocks&Nerds, Bellerby & Co, will be handcrafting and painting globes, as well as taking bespoke orders at the Shinola store on 13 Newburgh Street, London from 12:00 – 18:00 on Friday 19 June and Saturday 20 June and from 12:00 – 16:00 on Sunday 21 June.

When in London make sure to drop by!

Photography by Kevin Davies.

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