Bountiful by Noah Emrich

We are big fans of Chris Black’s New York City-based Done to Death Projects, which has been releasing inspirational printed titles over the course of the last few years. Among the publications one finds the work of another one of our favorites; photographer Mikael Kennedy, next to the recent title which we really like by Chris Black himself: ‘I Know You Think You Know It All: Advice and Observations For You to Stand Apart in Public and Online’ and now Done to Death Projects presents ‘Bountiful’, a new book from the very talented young photographer Noah Emrich. During the summer of 2013, Emrich embarked on a 12.000 mile trip around the United States, with the goal to capture post-recession America, searching for the remainders of the once glorious American Dream. The result is a haunting series putting the finger on the sore spot of a proud and powerful country reluctantly having to find a new identity to match its current state of being. 

Even though the TV screens spoke of new record highs on Wall St, and said that we had beat the recession, America’s countryside still showed deep wounds. Incomes and employment were woefully lacking. Bountiful presents an image of America as I saw it over those two months. The towns I visited are the sites of disinvestment; those places exploited in order to support the upward growth of our financial and corporate sectors.

In the last few years Noah Emrich made a new for himself from a young age through photography and blogging, while still studying Integrated Design at Parsons. Still in his twenties, he has shot lookbooks for the likes of Gant Rugger and done commercial work for the New York Times, Esquire, and Van Cleef & Arpels. In 2013, Emrich released his first photo book together with Done to Death Project named ‘I’ve Got Nothing to Say’, which established his more autonomous photography and got picked up quite well. Now the photographer returns with his second publication.

Limited to 150 copies, each 78 page, 8.5″ x 10″ ‘Bountiful’ is printed on archival luster photo paper, and comes signed by the artist.

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