Brownbook Fashion Directory 2014

We’ve been following the Dubai-based Brownbook Magazine for quite some years now and are super inspired by their totally unique perspective on lifestyle, which is oftenly imitated in the West but rarely shows the authenticity one only finds at the source. Last month, for the third time, they released their annual Fashion Directory which again is of the highest standard. The 2014 issue focusses on The Wedding. From a tribal beauty competition in Niger to an alfresco shaving ceremony in Turkey, beautiful photography and illustrations delve into the culture, customs and accessories of 10 of the most stylish weddings from past and present. One discovers the stories of recent brides and grooms, whether a henna night in Canada or a Muslim wedding in China, everything with an in-depth anthropological slant and beautifully designed.

Brownbook is the essential guide to the contemporary Middle East and North Africa. More than seven years since its launch, Brownbook continues to celebrate offbeat subjects across the entire region with a distinctively discerning perspective – from fashion designers in Kabul to the Iranian diaspora of Los Angeles.

In print, Brownbook Magazine’s six issues a year mix luscious photography and original artwork with focused, ambitious reports on culture, fashion, design, profiles and travel. Brownbook also publishes two supplementary design-conscious directories per year – a Design Directory and the here mentioned Fashion Directory – unlocking style from Tangiers to Tehran.

The magazine was founded by twin-brothers Ahmed and Rashid Bin Shabib who are somewhat of serial entrepreneurs. In 2006 the brothers established brownbag, an online shopping experience which promises to deliver anything in Dubai within just an hour. Today brownbag has around 25.000 registered users with an average of 40 orders every day and the brothers are looking to expand in Abu Dhabi and Singapore. Following the success of brownbag the brothers established Brownbook Magazine, the bimonthly magazine in 2007.

For more information on Brownbook Magazine see here.

The Fashion Directory 2014 is available online here.