Bare Journal

The inspirational printed project named Bare is a journal for which founder and Creative Director; Claudia Bruno, as well as Co-Editors-in Chief; Emily Lundin and Courtney Saunders find inspiration in the unadorned moment of truth. The magazine forms their ode to the raw beauty of realism, with all of their collaborators working with no creative brief, except for one quite unusual restriction in the digital age; no use of retouching is allowed. Bare – which was founded in 2014 – gives Bruno and her team the perfect context to work with artists, writers and photographers they admire, creating beautiful stories. Next to the fact that Bruno, Lundin and Saunders all are being located in different places on the globe, the workplaces of the complete team of Bare range from Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, New York City, Berlin, Montana to Los Angeles. Making the magazine a wonderful example of remote working, without it getting in the way of the diverse elegant quality it offers throughout its pages.

Each issue responds to the zeitgeist, to emerging ideas and aesthetics and to the new fashion of the season, we don’t feel the pressure to deliver news. We prefer the slow, thoughtful pace that print encourages, and that approach ends up shaping the content of each issue. Also, we genuinely believe that creative freedom brings stunning results.

The scattered locations of the people behind Bare found its direct representation into the pages of issue 2 which was released in April of this year. In the sophomore release of Bare, artists, writers, stylists and photographers consider journeys of all kinds. The rumble of transit can be heard on these pages. Shadows from the passing sun mark interiors. Memories and myths are unleashed barreling down a bumpy road through India. Resulting in a beautiful potpouri of different aesthetics, rooting from all over the globe, tied together in the larger narrative of the magazine.

The photographers and writers in the second issue travel deep to deliver diverse field of perspective. Jem Mitchell dives underwater, Serge Leblon wonders underground. Courtney Zoffness follows. Gabriela Celeste explores portraiture and the ties that bind. Anna Palma weaves a table. Alexandra Valenti captures the rhythm of musician Linda Beecroft’s creative landscape. Melissa Drier goes back in time for a bathrobe. Katie Crouch mans a speedboat. Andreas Ohlund and Maria Therese dance a slowsong. David Dunan considers beauty, Benjamin Vnuk pauses. Sandra Freij walks a tightrope, Padma Viswanathan shares a myth from the back seat in India.

Claudio Bruno in an interview with The Impression on the vision behind her brainchild:

We are trying to define new ways to communicate fashion that underscore our belief that what makes fashion so interesting is bigger than fashion itself, because it is part of a larger conversation in art and culture. Also we work to introduce new takes on fashion stories that might begin with a texture or a technique, for example macramé, or a single item such as tights.

We look forward to more inspirational issues in the future!

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