Axel Arigato Gallery Stockholm

Last month, minimalistic Swedish fashion brand Axel Arigato opened their first gallery store in the heart of Stockholm, which in our eyes is among the most inspirational retail spaces out there. For the design of the space, the brand collaborated once more with acclaimed architect Christian Halleröd, who also designed the brand’s London SoHo flagship, that opened its doors last year. In the concept for the Axel Arigato Gallery the signature feel of Christian Halleröd industrial clean-cut designs is combined with the understated aesthetics of the brand through the creative direction of Max Svärdh. The space is left intentionally clean with few elements completely blown out of proportion, like for instance the 100-kg abstract oval display in plexiglass in the centre of the store, the yellow fur seats and the yellow illusion windows — resulting in the perfect platform for the products. The store carries the full range of men’s and women’s shoes, accessories and clothing as well as a selection of rare Japanese books, magazines and objects. In the future the store will also serve as a curated space with carefully selected brands, items and events.

Through the combination of the industrial framework of the building, the implementation of materials like plexiglass and the striking use of the color yellow, a beautiful contemporary hybrid space has risen that, without a doubt, will serve as Axel Arigato’s perfect segway into greater things in the near future.

Christian Halleröd on the design:

We spoke a lot with Axel Arigato about how to use a relatively large surface like this room without compromising the experience of the powerful space.

Axel Arigato is a Swedish fashion brand that was founded by Albin Johansson and Max Svärdh, who saw a gap in the market for an affordable footwear brand with an above average quality. Since the moment of foundation, they have consistently released a new style of shoe or sneaker every week since they began last year in the summer of 2014. Starting from a team of just three, they’re now a solid group of 16, and managing to sell to people in over 96 countries just through the power of the website they built from scratch. By engaging with customers directly, Axel Arigato has made their mark in the industry as the high- end footwear brand with an affordable price tag. The collections include men’s and women’s footwear and accessories. All of Axel Arigato goods are produced in Portugal with high standards in quality in the use of materials and fabrics. With the opening of the London flagship and the stunning Gallery in Stockholm, everything hits that the next level for the brand has officially started.

Max Svärdh on the new space:

Unlike the design concept in the London store, we chose to work with color for Axel Arigato Gallery. For each location, I want to deliver a new experience for our customers. The surprise element for me is important.

The Axel Arigato Gallery is located at Smålandsgatan 20 in Stockholm. Opened from Monday through Friday from 10:00 — 19:00, Saturday from 10:00 — 18:00 and Sunday from 12:00 — 17:00.

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