Abel Green Cedar

When Texan forest meets Moroccan mountain.

We’re proud to announce the launch of Abel’s new fragrance, the Green Cedar.
With its sixth all-natural fragrance into the vita odor collection, the Green Cedar reflecting a rich scent profile of its hero ingredient, as well as a nod to the sustainable credentials of wild harvested cedarwood. 

Green Cedar marries a duo of cedar’s, the first gathered from forests in Texas, the second collected from the wild high in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Twice distilled, the Texas cedar has a clean, dry aspect rarely seen in a cedar fragrance. In contrast to this, the Moroccan cedar is sweet, rich and opulent. Combined with unexpected notes of natural magnolia, cypriol, cardamom, and smoky guaiac wood, the result is an intoxicating and distinctive fragrance.
“It’s crazy when you smell the cedarwood from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, it is so peculiar and aromatic, it really takes you to the oriental North Africa”, shares Abel Nose, Isaac Sinclair.
Green Cedar follows the same framework as the other five fragrances in Abel’s vita odor collection in that it is 100% natural and unisex. A formula, when combined with their minimalist design and ethos, is fast growing their reputation as producers of the world’s best natural perfume. A reputation this single-minded young fragrance house hopes will continue to grow as new fragrances are introduced (they hint to a seventh launch later in 2018).
“Whilst undoubtedly unique, our first five fragrances were building blocks for the vita odor collection. When creating Green Cedar we had the foundations firmly in place and the confidence to be more experimental, more directional”, Abel founder Frances Shoemack.
Green Cedar will be available online at abelodor.com and throughout a mix of niche beauty, concept, luxury eco, fashion and department stores.

‘When Texan forest meets Moroccan mountain.’

Design and photographic direction is a collaborative effort between …,staat and Another Something’s Chris Veghel. Photography by Renee Kemps.