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Won Hundred bike

A very stylish collaboration between two highly aesthetic Danish companies, Won Hundred and Cykelfabrikken. They’ve created a limited edition collection of three handcrafted leather bags that go with a customized bike. The scandinavian simplicity and classic cool meet some real functionality in the briefcase, the… [ Continue reading ]

Won Hundred by James Pfaff

A few days ago Danish brand Won Hundred opened an exhibition showing this years new Autumn and Winter collection at the Outside World Gallery in London. In a specially curated selection of images by British photographer James Pfaff the exhibition breaks free from the traditional ‘Lookbook’ to … [ Continue reading ]

Falling Apart – Won Hundred

We’ve always loved Won Hundred’s appreciation for simplicity and understated design. With their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection they are going back to the 60’s, the London subculture of the Mods and their ‘Clean living under difficult circumstances’. ‘A nostalgic memory of days gone by, people you ones knew,… [ Continue reading ]

Won Hundred

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Last week the Danish fashion brand Won Hundred opened its first independent shop – a flagship store in Denmark’s most exclusive department store, Illum. Along with the opening they launched their first bag collection with wallets handbags, iPad and computer sleeves. A beautiful store I must… [ Continue reading ]

Good Mother and Father

We just received the new book by Sacha Maric called ‘Good Mother and Father’. We saw the work of Sacha before at Libertine-Libertine and Won Hundred, but this is different. The personal photography project resulting in an independently published book showcases… [ Continue reading ]

Tres Bien

Here is the new, lightweight canvas shoe by one of my favorite brands Won Hundred. A crepe sole, suede trim and nice details makes it the perfect shoe for the European summer. As it is feeling like autumn already I hope it is a little water proof as… [ Continue reading ]

A little bit of spring

The moment I was introduced to Won Hundred I instantly fell in love with this Danish brand. Yesterday they shared their spring summer 2011 collection ‘inspired by a study of long black silhouettes created by different objects that cast a deformed shadow. Like walking in the sun, when… [ Continue reading ]

Rendez Vous Homme

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Starting tomorrow, ending the 28th of june, Rendez Vous Homme will take place at the Espace Commines in the Marais district of Paris. I’m going to do my very best to visit since there are a dozen of my favourite brands. Like S.N.S., Surface to Air, Jeroen van… [ Continue reading ]

A Thousand Dawns

In September of 2013 we wrote about the fascinating story of Rob Lutter, who in 2011 had left England by bike and had travelled all the way to Hong Kong for charity. At that moment he sought new funds via Kickstarter to continue being on the road, which he eventually did. A staggering 4,5 years after Rob has left England he covered 40.000 kilometer by bike, completing a tremendous quest all around the world. With the journey officially having reached its final destination a last Kickstarter project has gone live now to create the best possible presentation of the endeavor in an elegant printed form. Rob's goal is to publish two books: 'A Thousand Dawns'; describing the story of the ride and 'Lifecycle'; presenting a collection of selected photos and tales. Make sure to support this remarkable project and man, to let him reach one last final destination. [ Continue reading ]

Tokyo Diaries

The latest by inspirational Lisbon-based publisher Pierre von Kleist editions brings us back to Japan. After releasing the beautiful 'Japan Drug' by António Júlio Duarte in May now follows another tremendous grainy black and white photographic book by the name of 'Tokyo Diaries'. In 2009 André Príncipe, the co-founder of Pierre von Kleist editions, and filmmaker Marco Martins travelled to Tokyo to shoot a film about elliptical narratives and the importance of the diaristic practice in Japanese photography. During one month and in a totally improvised way, the filmmakers shot hours of 16mm footage and thousands of photographs of their daily life as well as their encounters with photographers such as Nobuyoshi Araki, Daido Moriyama, Takuma Nakahira, Hiromix, Kohei Yushiyuki and Kajii Syoin. The film which was the result of this trip: 'Traces of a Diary' was subsequently shown in film festivals around the world and received the jury prize at Documenta Madrid. And now the amazing book which was created out of the 100 rolls of Tri-X 400 film which remained unused  brings the essence of the beautiful trip back to printed still images. We love the character which the images transcend, capturing a dynamic energy within a highly inspirational generation of Japanese photographers perfectly. [ Continue reading ]

The Lotus Dome by Daan Roosegaarde

The Lotus Dome by Daan Roosegaarde is a living Dome consisting of hundreds of ultralight aluminium foils that unfold in response to human behaviour. The high-tech work of art has been travelling the world since it was created in 2012. Having been on display at a number of historical locations abroad, the Lotus Dome is now facing a contemporary juxtaposition with the Rijksmuseum’s 18th-century period room. The Lotus Dome comes to life in response to a visitor’s body heat. Hundreds of aluminium flowers unfold, a deep bass sound fills the space and light projects the lotus flowers onto the walls. Roosegaarde calls it Techno-poetry. The smart Lotus foil was designed by Studio Roosegaarde and its designers. The foil is made up of different layers of Mylar, a type of polyester, which makes the leaves fold and unfold in response to light and heat. [ Continue reading ]

Team Rwanda

We love the wonderful initiative called Team Rwanda. In the East-African country Rwanda, most famous for the civil war and genocide of 1994, people living in rural areas tend to spend their lives within a day’s walking distance of their homes. And as cars are too expensive, the bicycle is the most common form of mechanized transport. Where in countries like the USA children look forward to owning a car, in Rwanda children dream of having a bicycle. [ Continue reading ]


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This would definitely be my favorite toy when I was 8. ‘PlayShapes by Miller Goodman is a modular set of 74 geometric wooden shapes which can be endlessly arranged or stacked to produce hundreds of 3D creations. The smooth shapes, with flashes of colour… [ Continue reading ]