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Cloche by Lars Beller Fjetland

We really like Lars Beller Fjetland’s new project, the Cloche lamp. The lamp by the Norwegian designer is a lovely hybrid of beauty and balance, which was inspired by the elegant and remarkable eruption solutions one can find in nature. The interesting union of size, shape and material, in combination with the fact that each part is lending its strengths to the other, created a beautifully balanced whole. The Cloche has a cast iron bottom, with a large spun copper lampshade, brought together by a lightweight ash wood stem which can be dissembled into three separate pieces.  [ Continue reading ]


A new creation by Lars Beller Fjetland in collaboration with Theodor Olsen Sølvvareverksted

In his new project, one of our favorite designers working today; Lars Beller Fjetland merges traditional crafting techniques with the latest 3D-print technology, with which he has created yet another elegant work of minimal design. The starting point for this collaboration was a trip to the archives of Theodor Olsen Sølvvareverksted, the oldest silverware producer in Norway, in the city of Bergen. There Fjetland uncovered sketches of an asymmetric serving cutlery from the late fifties that never made it into production. He was commissioned by Theodor Olsen to rework the idea, bringing it into the 20th century. Key was finding a more cost efficient way of developing and manufacturing small scale series of cold forged cutlery, which was achieved by utilizing 3D-print technology to develop specialized tools for tool making. Based and named after the plant, Fjetland created 'Monstera', a set of cutlery with asymmetric leaf shaped spoon blades, which are mirrored copies of each other, only distinguished by the lobes featured on the fork. The idea behind this reflects the plants ability to grow two types of leafs, while also adding a functional aspect to the end product. The stem-like handles were given an asymmetric ending to really celebrate the beauty of nature. Another beautiful addition to Fjetland's incredible catalogue. [ Continue reading ]


We have been greatly appreciating the elegant work of Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland in the last few years and on the 4th of September - during Maison Objet in Paris - the inspirational creator returns with the official presentation of his latest project, which is once again quite incredible. Named poetically the 'Moment', Beller Fjetland created his new work inspired by his childhood fascination with the flickering flame – being mesmerized by the rhythm of the burning light; the concept of time seemed to slowly dissolve. The 'Moment' candle extinguisher was created to revisit just this lost meditative watch with an added reminder of its impermanence. As the flame slowly makes its way towards the bottom of the candle, the suspense builds towards its split second finale. We love this new elegant and playful creation of Fjetland! [ Continue reading ]


Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland just shared this lovely project with us. ‘Re-turned’ is a family of birds made out of old furniture. Perhaps they were once the part of a loving household as a supportive table-leg or an armrest, now they’ve come back to life as a… [ Continue reading ]