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ellen:truijen store Maastricht

On the 12th of June, our friend designer Ellen Truijen officially opened her first brand store in Maastricht; the city where she resides and works in the far south of The Netherlands. The store sells, naturally, Ellen's leather bags and accessories, but also clothing, lingerie and other must haves by other designers. Grown out of the store named mos, which housed in the same location and already sold Ellen's products, the shop now truly sails under the flag of the ellen:truijen brand. Focus in the offered products lays on designers who still cherish locality, creating honest quality products like Ellen herself, such as POPcph, Brosbi, Lena Berens, the lingerie of Gent-based La Fille d'O, lipbalm by Kiyoko, the immaculate Mast Brothers chocolate and accessoires by Gabriel+Guevara and Lisanne Janssen next to Ellen's own beautiful collection. [ Continue reading ]

Mondays Must Haves x Miscellaneous

Together with Tenue de Nîmes, Miscellaneous and Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam we’ll share, as a part of Another Gift Guide, this ‘Mondays Must Haves x Miscellaneous’ for the coming 5 mondays. In this first collections of gifts the Classic Workman… [ Continue reading ]

Treasures Nr 6

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The new issue of Blend Magazine just hit the stores, so time for us to share our new treasures. This time featuring our favorite notebooks from Rhodia, the lovely gypsy water by Byredo, de Red Wing 6″ Classic Moc and this beautiful… [ Continue reading ]

Christmas Treasures


Not an ordinary gift guide but a carefully selected list of Christmas presents from Tenue de Nîmes. Both men and women can make it a holiday to remember by giving one of the following December treasures to their loved ones. Please find the description of the selected items after the click or get a closer look here [ Continue reading ]

Bright Bags

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For Bright magazine we did a review on bags, focused on the corporate laptop carriers, but than the nice one, the one we want to be seen with… It became a very nice collection of bags, varying from the absolute classic Filson, to the contemporary Mismo bags. Get… [ Continue reading ]