I like to thank everybody involved in Anothersomething for this beautiful year! Nalden for the inspiration, Jonathan for the technical details, Menno & Bas for your submissions, Nik from Anthem magazine for your lovely articles, and all the people who wanted to share their news, their projects and ideas with me. It was inspiring!

At this moment it’s a little too busy, moving to our new office in Amsterdam, working for some big clients and preparing some stunning 2010 projects, but we found the time to do just a little recap of our last years favorites.

Favorite books
Designing Design – Kenya Hara
One of my all time favorites and must haves. Japanese designer Kenya Hara gives us a little peek into the head of Muji and his design theory on the importance of “emptiness”.

Favorite music
Mike Sheridan
We just love the 19-year old Danish producer and performer Mike Sheridan for his deep and dark scandinavian grooves and hope we’ll hear a lot more in the coming years…

Radiohead / Thom Yorke
Thom Yorke stays on my personal top 5 of artist. We all loved free tracks Radiohead shared the past months, in special the on for the last known British World War I veteran Harry Patch.

Driving with windows open, following the Mediterranean coastline of France at the end of the day with the smell of lavender and bougainvillea, enjoying the colours of the sundown in the reflection of the waves… That is Moderat for me….

Favorite brand
Heritage Research
I instantly fell in love with Heritage Research. A beautiful ‘newcomer’, Hand crafted in England using the finest British and Japanese fabrics they’re reviving tailoring traditions…

Grenson is more my favorite of 2010, since we’re releasing a stunning collaboration (Tenue de Nîmes x Grenson) in the coming months… stay tuned…

Bertelli bicycles
I got a little tired of the fixed gear hype but couldn’t resist this little brand from NY. Beautiful classics assembled by hand, finished and fine-tuned by Francesco…

One of my favorite clients, favorite products and favorite brands in one. Joolz, a young stroller brand from Amsterdam released their new Joolz Day strollers, and for me and my little boy they’ve made an all black version – can’t make me happier ;-)

Where Moleskine claims to wrote history with their notepats Rhodia can actually say the are the history. Beautiful notepads, and still in the classic orange color, from France…

Favorite publication
Inventory Magazine
Our friends from h(y)r collective changed their name and did a huge step forward by publishing Inventory Magazine featuring Nigel Cabourn, Mister Freedom, Daiki Suzuki and Yuki Matsuda a.o.
I can’t wait to see the coming issues and we were pleased selling it in Anothershop

Journal de Nîmes Nr 3
What was started as a press release one year ago moved organically to a magazine/paper where we are sharing our favorite brands and friends. We are stoked on what’s coming next and hope you’ll enjoy all the coming issues of Journal de Nîmes as you did with this last number.

Apartamento Magazine is just that other interior magazine we were missing out there. Documenting real interiors, were people like you and me are living in, instead of the theater decors and clean and cold interiors we used to see in the old magazines…

Favorite accessories
Royal Republiq
Leather accessories from up north. Our Danish friend and owner of Royal Republiq Nicolas shared his vision on his business of creating beautiful leather footwear and bags – soon shared here.

Pilot Capless vintage
Mon ami Luis Mendo moved to Tokyo for some moths and came back with this beauty: The Pilot Capless. We couldn’t help and immediately bought the 1964 vintage version of this wonderful fountain pen.

Favorite person
Nigel Cabourn
Meeting Nigal Cabourn is really moving back in time. The stories he shared, the details he talked about and the materials he used in his garments are from an inspiring and high quality level we didn’t saw before. You will see more of this inspiring person in the coming year.

My friend Yamandu dropped all his work, stepped into his little car and hit the road for 4 months, crossing Europe for his project EUROPEANS. What is more inspiring?!

Remarkable people
When two amazing people get together, their potential impact grows and the world changes shape. That is the idea behind By/Association and we hope to hear more from this lovely project in the coming year….

Favorite drink
Guy Charlemagne
Working on a exclusive champagne for Pacha Ibiza we visited Guy Charlemagne in the Grand Cru vineyards of Le Mesnil-Sur-Oger. The best champagne I’ve had in years… Let’s toast on that!

Favorite event
Amongst Friends
Mon ami Nalden, together with Hein van Joolen, organized a series sneak previews of coming movies. A nice get together with friends and likes; and we did saw some lovely movies! Thank you for that.

Again, thank you all, and hope to see you back in 2010!
Joachim, Menno & Bas