A new decade

“What is thought to be the edge
is only the beginning.”

— Unknown

I’m excited! The first post in a new decade, a clean slate, time to think about the future. At this moment Anothercompany is growing into a real studio, into our little workshop in the centre of Amsterdam. There we will continue to work on a new knitwear label, a magazine restyle, a new restaurant and shop identity, and off course the upcoming Journal de Nîmes and the continuation of our private label at Tenue de Nîmes and more, much more! We are looking forward to bring Anothersomething to the next level with some thrilling collaborations and events and Anothershop will carry more of our beloved items then ever before.
We hope you will continue to share your news, thoughts, dreams and products with Anothersomething. Let’s make it a wonderful, inspiring and tender new year!