With Regard To


As we’re working on a new design and an updated idea behind Another Something we’ll start sharing on a more regular base again. To kick off with a ’people-inspired jewellery’ brand that contacted us via are.na and got our attention with their unconventional way of building a brand.
UU/R/T, referring to the abbreviation w/r/t or “with regard to”, is focusing on creating products that are in relation to an individual. Each collection is based on a certain theme that was proposed by- and designed in collaboration with creatives from around.

‘Recent trends and phenomenon in modern fashion and culture showed us that today’s product offering can be elevated to the point where it connects and uncovers. UU/R/T is a jewelry brand that strives to do that. The goal of the brand is to reveal and to establish new connections among their products, collaborators and consumers.
UU/R/T launched with 3 collections in 3 different themes to be further expanded through time into other interpretations or jewellery pieces.
The ideas behind every collection were initially presented by individuals and further developed by UU/R/T into a final product. The collection /Respect exists at this moment of two pairs of earrings. One pair is presented in a form of a receipt that a person receives for “paying his respect”. In the same way another pair of earrings embody a 21st century etiquette norm of taking your earphones off when someone speaks to you.

UU/R/T’s design approach is oriented on providing the wearer a conceptual object and not just a product. It can reflect one’s inspiration, interesting observation or anything else. It is not only about the form but the substance that means something to people in general.
All the jewellery is made in Italy from 925 Silver with rhodium or 18k gold plating.
The collections are available online.

To find out more details about the brand and its approach check out UU/R/T website, make sure to follow them on are.na and keep an eye on their interesting collaborative platform with interviews and background stories from the people they work with – for instance their latest interview with Tsagan Dyark. Or check what Fon and Fa made for UU/R/T here >