Nothing White

A year ago Pim de Graaff, an Amsterdam-based freelance copywriter, launched Nothing, a 2.6 x 2.6 x 5.1 inch piece FSC of certified wood with a matte black finish, each handmade and with a unique number, that intends to remind people to enjoy everything they already have, which from quite some perspectives can be seen as everything. The product went viral with posts on blogs like PSFK, Fast Company and swissmiss, which helped Pim to sell hundreds of Nothings this year. His wish was to sell a Nothing to every continent, in which he almost succeeded, with the exception of Africa. To finish the project in style, this Christmas Pim launches his final ten pieces of Nothing in a limited all-white edition, with the revenues of the final batch, no. 351-360 to go to Oxfam which fights poverty worldwide.

Nothing reminds us to enjoy everything we already have. Seeing Nothing on my table at home makes me feel I don’t need more all the time. Not necessarily the newest iPhone. No new clothes just because. It gives me peace. I hope to share this feeling with others through Nothing.

The Dutch PR Officer of Oxfam Jolanda van Santen: “Together with our donors, partners and supporters Oxfam fights for a righteous world without poverty. That’s why we are very happy with initiatives such as Pim’s.”

In the process of the project Pim created a pinterest board and a world map in which he has pinned the images of owners of Nothing.

Photography by our friend Milan Vermeulen.

To order the final pieces of Nothing see here.