It are exciting times for cycling enthousiasts like ourselves. Although it is no secret what some of our favorite brands out there are, we are keen to see many new – elegant – initiatives making the field more and more interesting. Where maybe 10 years ago the focus was still solely on performance, many of the new names are finding ways to combine essentials for racing with an appealing aesthetic. One of those new names which we discovered recently is WarsawCycling. The young French brand was brought forth from the union of ex-bike messenger, Sven and designer, Charlotte, who both believe in prioritizing aesthetics and quality in the production of their apparel, by designing eye-catching gear that is crafted to resist the elements. Born from a desire to create garments in which one will feel comfortable and unique when riding -whether it’s in a competition or when commuting – WarsawCycling’s designs embrace an alternative approach to cycling culture and sports, inspired by bike messenger life, track bike criteriums, runway fashion and underground culture. 

We believe in prioritizing aesthetics and quality in the production of our apparel by designing eye-catching clothing that is crafted to resist the elements and intense physical performance.

Sven and Charlotte on their vision for the brand:

As the founders of WarsawCycling, we are truly committed to the cycling scene by taking part in different events such as track bike criteriums, cx races, road races and long distance cycling and representing our brand.

We strive to be part of everything that stands for our brand by having full control over our entire production, design and promotion processes. By wearing an item from WarsawCycling, you spread the story of the origins of our products. All our apparel is produced in Europe from European-made fabrics.

We really look forward for more by this interesting new brand!

Photography by Caroline Pauleau and Chris Green (2 caps on the table).

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