Von Eusersdorff

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to meet Camille Henfling, the founding father of Von Eusersdorff, for a special project we’re working on. I’ve known the Von Eusersdorff fragrances for some time now, but didn’t know the story behind it. After a vividly told introduction by Mr Henfling I instantly fell in love with this small perfume company with its strong historical roots in the world-trade of rare oils, herbs and spices. With the memory of the warehouses of the apothecary of his grandfather, filled with a heavily scented atmosphere of classic scents like patchouli, Mr Henfling decided to start a new business honoring his family heritage, and Von Eusersdorff was born.

The idea was made somewhere between New York, Amsterdam, Maastricht, Paris and Grasse, the heart of the fragrance industry, and started of with the Classic Patchouli.
Now, years later, the brand consists of four Eaux de Parfum’s including Patchouli, Myrrh, Vetiver and Mimosa. My favorite is definitely the Classic Vetiver! A summerlike blend of grapefruit, bergamot and lemon in the top notes; geranium, elemi and peppercorn in the heart- and black patchouli, vetiver and cedar wood in the base notes. A fresh and very pleasant fragrance with a subtile and long-lasting character, and a perfect addition to my almost vintage Helmut Lang Cuiron and Le Labo Bergamotte 22. (available at Tenue de Nîmes in the Amsterdam store a.o.)

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