Victory Journal 10

In the Summer of 2014 we discovered the highly inspirational Victory Journal, which instantly became one of our favorite magazines being printed today. Founded in 2010 – the same year when that other elegant frontrunner in sports magazines; Green Soccer Journal first saw light – the three New York-based creatives Christopher Isenberg, Aaron Amaro and Kimou Meyer started their magazine concerned with the eternal glories and ignominies of players and pursuits the world over. Published by design studio Doubleday and Cartwright and printed on unusual large-format unbound pages, every one of the issues they have released in the following five years makes you feel the excitement of sport, yet never losing its elegance and somewhat classical feel through an excellent curation of imagery. At the end of last year the magazine celebrated the release of their 10th issue, which is totally based around the intersection of sport and art. Victory Journal stays winning.

Victory speaks to an audience that like its architects can distinguish the enduring from the fleeting and is ruled, above all, by an irrepressible curiosity.

For Victory Journal’s 10th issue an answer was sought to the question: what happens when sport and art intersect? From ‘The Loser,’ Gay Talese’s studied portrait of a boxer in decline, to the fascinating story of Bonnie Erickson, the former Henson Studios designer who became the cornerstone of the mascot industry – the people, places and things that offered an offbeat angle to the art of athleticism all pass the revue in the issue. It manifests in every page: whether it’s street photographer Cheryl Dunn’s photos of the decadent, rowdy Triple Crown crowds juxtaposed against the larger-than-life baseball art of Raymond Pettibon, Bronx-based sculptor John Ahearn’s surreal ‘lifecasts,’ or the ever-amazing work by Los Angeles-based artist Cleon Peterson which is featured on the pages.

We can only hope for at least 10 more issues of Victory’s inspirational vision on sports.

For more information and to order #10 and back issues see here