The Travel Almanac 09

News from Berlin, as our friends of The Travel Almanac will release number nine of their inspirational magazine next week. Aesthetically the magazine shows a significant break from the earlier issues, with cover subject Charlotte Gainsbourg fragmented into 9 polaroids instead of the usual intriguing portrait, making the new cover a bold move, which we really like. The new edition – underlining why The Travel Almanac continues one of our favorite magazines – has as one of the key themes the fascination and complexity of self-awareness and self-portraiture, first taken on with the inspirational photographer Collier Schorr and secondly discussed with the main representative of the issue; actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg, who takes the reader on a walk through her childhood neighborhood in Paris and her newly adopted home New York City. With the other fascinating stories in the magazine taking one all over the globe, from Eastern-Europe, the Mediterranean to the United States, The Travel Almanac 09 proves to be another inspirational read, making us want to continue exploring.

Our continued efforts towards a deeper examination of post-touristic matters are bearing increasingly colorful fruit. In this ninth edition of The Travel Almanac, we dissect several concepts of the traveler as alter-ego personality and identity explorer, moving independently from our everyday selves into the realm of the psychoanalytical spectator.

The ninth magazine furthermore takes the reader on journeys with music producer SOPHIE and publisher Anja Aronowsky Cronberg, with airports, taxis and other transitory environments functioning as stages on which countless humoristic plays are performed. Other story subjects of the issue share their most cherished places, among them memorable tours to Cluj in Transylvania and Lecce in Southern Italy with Diane Pernet, and full-speed rides on tuned motorcycles through Northern England with Scott King. Further expeditions to be found in the magazine range from the steely muscle factories of Los Angeles to the wrestling bodies of ancient philosophical schools in Athens, all the way back to England for some lessons in the phenomenon known as TART fishing.

Order The Travel Almanac 09 next week here.