The White Review Nº 4

We really got inspired by the editors introduction on the latest issue of The White Review:  “…we must make, write, argue, dream, paint and act in the faith that creativity is commensurate with progress, and that we are responsible for our own futures. The future is there to be forged… The White Review believes that it is more important now than ever to provide a forum for expression and debate. We are indebted to the support of the many people who are similarly committed to the idea that a healthy and varied culture is integral to a society’s well-being. We hope that you find something in this issue to provoke or inspire you to pick up a pen, a paintbrush, or a placard.”

An inspiring issue with a lovely feature on Juergen Teller, a poster insert by Gabriele Beveridge and more, much more. All in a beautiful cover by Landon Metz.

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