The Travel Almanac 08

After our friends of The Travel Almanac premiered their interesting new venture last June in the form of TTA Editions, of which the second installment will be released somewhere in the beginning of 2015, they now will release the latest edition from their core: magazine number 8. Paul Kominek and his team created yet another incredible edition starting with the subtle blue cover color and suave cover subject Bryan Ferry. Next to the article on the Roxy Music frontman, one will find other features on the provocative photographer Leigh Ledare, the New York City-based painter Bjarne Melgaard, one of our favorite photographers Viviane Sassen, filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and finally musician Laurel Halo. The issue also holds a special feature on Iceland, winter boots and a story portraying the very skillful chocolatiers of the capital of chocolate; Belgium (also our all time favorite place to stay in Antwerp: Boulevard Leopold is mentioned).

We particularly like the fascinating story of Leigh Ledare. Born and raised in Seattle, Mr. Ledare moved to New York in 1998 and began working for photographer Larry Clark, who had recently directed Kids alongside Harmony Korine. Comparisons between Mr. Ledare’s grittier work and Mr. Clark’s are common, as are references to Nan Goldin. His most famous work is without a doubt ‘Pretend You’re Actually Alive’. For the series, Mr. Ledare photographed his mother modeling nude, masturbating and making time with younger men. In the interview the artist, who has also taught at different universities among which are Columbia and NYU, explains how he uses photography, archival material, text and film to explore human agency, social relationships, taboos and the photographic in equal turns.

And as we are truly obsessed with the finer chocolates on this earth we also love the beautiful feature on the chocolatiers of Belgium. One of our personal favorites: Mary Chocolatier with its royal golden emblem, is also featured. The chocolatier was founded in 1919 by Mary Delluc and has been making extraordinary chocolate ever since. Now a days excellence, tradition and quality are still Mary’s guiding principles in the case of the selection of raw materials, paying respect to the founder’s recipes, the packaging and the customer service. A must visit!

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