The Suits

The Suits is an Antwerp-based label founded by fashion-entrepreneur Roger Elsten, intending to be a representative of a new generation of tailoring. Mick Jagger wearing his iconic white tuxedo was the key inspiration for the foundation of the label in 2012 and clearly points at the aesthetic Elsten created at the beginning of the Suits. The first collections were strictly suits referring to the rock and roll stages of europe. However in a few seasons the label has developed to a broader field of products with rock and roll still as the binding factor. Elsten sees his suits a great fit for men who are keen to wear a suit, not because they have to, but because they can. These men wear suits during the day, but also in the evening.

The young men targeted by Elsten go out and travel a lot, use their suit for business and pleasure and want to do so looking equally good. All designs have a slim silhouette, with wearability still maintained by the fact that all garments have a percentage of elastane for the right amount of stretch. The collections consist of dinner jackets with leather lapels and short horns, double-breasted suits and more skinny tailored versions, all looking fresh and clean. We love how the current lookbook which was released last week expressing the sentiment of the brand in grainy black and white images.

In a short period of time the Suits has been picked up by retailers worldwide, proving interest in the label to be very high. We love how Elsten has created his label with a clear focus and look forward where he takes it.

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