The Perfect Black Jacket

In this first chapter of a little series together with the fine tailors of Utrecht- and Amsterdam-based New Tailor, we’re exploring some of the perfect garments offered by the tailoring house. Recently a whole new horizon was opened to us, when we were lucky enough to obtain one of their immaculate bespoke pieces; a perfect black jacket, which overshadows any other jacket we have worn before. Our perfect black jacket was cut from an extraordinary cloth produced by the famous Fox Brothers, who own one of the few working cloth mills still producing cloth entirely in England. Many Fox fabrics are exclusively developed for fashion designers, while other styles are inspired by the extensive Fox archives. The cloth used for the perfect black jacket is a pretty heavy one, weighing about 370 grams. After weaving the cloths is cleaned, shaved and then brushed in such a way that you get the perfect flannel. The jacket looks tremendous and is extraordinary to wear. Moreover everybody wants to touch the jacket due to its extreme softness, giving a natural warmth and making us not want to wear anything else, anymore.

The Fox Brothers & Co from Wellington, a small industrial town in rural Somerset, England, was established in 1772 when a local Quaker family brought together the different cottage industries of spinning, weaving and dyeing. Fox used to supply a hard wearing woolen serge that was sold around the globe. The cloth was despatched by horse drawn car locally and worldwide by sail via Topsham in East Devon. Later production consisted largely of a variety of military uniform fabrics and patented puttees. Today Fox Brothers produces a wide range of high quality woolen and worsted fabrics including their world famous ‚Fox Flannel’ for the top fashion houses, Savile Row and tailoring house New Tailor.

New Tailor was founded by Roel Wolbrink in 1997 and was soon regarded as one of and for the finest tailors in the field, with stores in our hometown Utrecht and Amsterdam.

We like to make suits and shirts to those who care about clothing and their presence. Essentially we sell more than suits and shirts, we sell a presence. Our heritage, philosophy and the way we treat our customers sets us apart from other tailors in Amsterdam and Utrecht.

The company is one of the few Dutch houses with the expertise and capability to actually create bespoke suits on their premises. Whether it’s a jacket, suit, shirt or trousers, be assured that you will be wearing unique pieces, individually tailored. The immaculate tailors of New Tailor design unique wardrobes (for) every season and deliver them with a service level of the highest standard, which obviously is essential for the successful, self-conscious men finding their sartorial attire.

When searching for the perfect black jacket make sure to visit their store in Amsterdam on the Spiegelgracht 30 or in the heart of Utrecht on the Minrebroederstraat 27.

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