The Loft

Today the Amsterdam-based The Playing Circle will celebrate the official opening, or housewarming like they address it themselves, of its latest interesting project called The Loft. On the fifth floor of the beautiful Cristofori building located on the Prinsengracht a fully furnished apartment has elegantly been created in which everything one finds in it is for sale. From design furniture, the vintage accessories, the books on the shelves, to the plants one finds in The Loft: if you like it you’ll take it home. The Playing Circle’s ambition is to create a whole new home-retail experience in which one walks into an apartment which thoroughly will feel like someones home, but instead of just being able to marvel at it now for one whole month everything the eye meets is actually for sale.

We wanted to create a feeling like someone really lives in The Loft. Someone with a distinct taste and a good sense of aesthetics – who, moreover, has a dynamic social life.

The idea for The Loft grew out of the usual endeavor of The Playing Circle, offering tasteful meeting/workshop rooms for hire, which instead of the usual sterility one finds in these spaces show character and a feeling of coziness. Over the years more and more people were inquiring about the interiors created by The Playing Circle which in the first place led to more and more interior projects, corporate all the way to a yoga studio, and finally sparked the initial idea of actually creating a temporal interior that’s totally for sale.

The Playing Circle‘s founders Kassandra Schreuder and Floris Koch, both love design with a significant longlivity, and despite intensive use not loses its charm. This means in most cases objects made out of natural materials like wood, leather, glass, wool and ceramics. Materials which evoke a certain curiosity; where it’s from, what particular wood or leather has been used and who actually made it. These are all elements one finds in the interior of The Loft, which show tactility in its most robust form. Some of the many interesting companies which are represented in the interior are Miscellaneous, Foreign Objects, Mendo, Harvest & Co., David Derksen, De Intuïtiefabriek, Paper Collective and De Huiszwaluw.

The Loft is located at the Prinsengracht 583-V, Amsterdam and open for the public until the 15th of August, Monday until Saturday 10:00 – 18:00.
For more information see here.