The Indigo Chuck Taylor’s

Tomorrow, during the 3rd anniversary of Tenue de Nîmes, they will launch a limited edition pair of hand-dyed indigo Chuck Taylor All Stars high top sneakers.
The Chuck Taylor All Star serves as a perfect muse for Tenue de Nîmes. With deep roots in style and culture, both the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe and indigo denim have led somewhat parallel lives. The Chuck Taylor All Star shoe and a pair of jeans have long been a staple of youth culture and music and have served as a symbol of independence for decades.

Fittingly, Tenue de Nîmes asked the legendary denim experts, the Manabe family from Okoyama in Japan, owners of the Momotaro brand and Rampuya dyeing factory, if they would be able to indigo-dye a limited amount of 50 pairs of high tops. The decision to create a new version of the indigo dyed Chuck Taylor All Star was made after the world turned upside down when the the Oxford version of the Indigo-dyed Chuck Taylor was released in July of this year.

The shoe is available here.