The Dutch Stamps

We are super proud to share our latest work, the new national and international stamps of 2014 for the Netherlands. Together with Fleur Derogee and with the good help of Willem van Roosmalen we’ve created a series of stamps showcasing the very stereotypical icons of the Netherlands in af very, very Dutch way. With a hint to the old Delfts-blue, we transformed the icons into monotone coloured objects, almost like little porcelain statues, or 3D printed if you will, and put them into the abstract Dutch landscapes. All in the national colours red, white and blue.

In random order: An old Dutch flatboat gliding over the quiet lakes. The wip mill standing between the ditches and dykes. A piece of Dutch cheese with a hint to the cheese porters on the background. The wooden shoe with the lines of the furrows on the back. The famous ‘Trapgevel’ (gable) of the Amsterdam canal houses. The super touristic icon, the Delfts Blue ‘kissing pair’ with the sunrise behind. The ‘Oma Fiets’, the old dutch bike in always windy polders. A Friesian cow in the rain. The tulip with the lines of the greenhouses on the background and last but not least the ‘Friese doorloper’ – the old Dutch ice skate – between little ice stars.
We’ve placed them all in an almost museological box, giving it even a more iconic feeling. The national stamps have the royal blue background with porcelain white figures where the international stamps have the white background with the royal blue icons.