Telar by Nido

We really appreciate the latest endeavor by Argentinian knitwear brand Nido. Under the name Telar the brand now offers beautiful artisan hand loom woven textiles parallel to their own beautiful collections of wearable knitwear products. The loom, which is used in the knitting process of the textiles, is one of the earliest devices which was used for production of fabric in Argentina. It is a wooden rectangle which holds threads lengthways by fixing them on both ends. Thanks to its specific mechanism, the loom is able to lift these threads individually or in groups, creating an opening, or ‘calada’, through which weft threads can pass. These interlaced threads form the cloth, making the textiles both aesthetically and technically very appealing.

The artisan technique of weaving is Argentina’s prevailing handicraft. In the South American country, the loom was originally used exclusively by women in the southwestern indigenous communities, known as ‘Mapuche’, and by the whole family in the North-West; the Tonocoté, Atacama, and Calchaquí communities. Currently in Argentina, various Northwestern communities continue to practice this traditional and almost forgotten art, maintaining their ancestors’ customs intact. They strive to keep the crafts alive, to recreate it and help it evolve, and fight against its industrialization. Nido is now actively having part in this vision making the beautiful textiles available worldwide.

As all the Telar products are woven by hand in the mentioned deeply rooted traditional process all pieces will show imperfections; whether be it within the coloring or the measurements which may vary slightly, making in our eyes every piece special rather then unfinished. Due to the particular slow form of production no big batches will be produced in a short time. If one is interested in one of the textiles a pre-payment of 50% is required after which your personal textile will be produced and shipped after it was masterfully produced in Argentina.

We love how Nido is enabling this century-old tradition to prevail, with every single one of the textiles looking extraordinary!

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