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Cleartones Organic

Last year I was fortunate enough to play a little role in the birth of Cleartones - the elegant, hand made minimalist ringtones and notification tones - by my good friend Hugo Verweij. Today he released the next level: 'Cleartones Organic'. A set of wonderful ringtones and notifications, all recorded on acoustic instruments like metal bells, glass bowls, marimba and vibraphone. I can't say the first set of 'Classic Cleartones' aren't good, but these are just so much better! [ Continue reading ]


Just in time for the Tour de France and the spirit of the Olympics this Summer: The lovely Cyclepedia app we’ve featured before got a nice upgrade. Some new content and approved features are added with five new video clips with Sir Paul Smith discussing cycling… [ Continue reading ]

Modern Matter 02

A new issue of Modern Matter magazine, covering a nice mix of technology, style and conceptual art, was released last weak. In this 230 pages heavy issue an exclusive cover-shoot by Jurgen Teller. A conversation between Hans Ulrich Obrist and Dimitar Sasselov about art and astronomy. John Baldessari… [ Continue reading ]

Qompendium x Cleartones

I love it when two geniuses meet and collaborate! Both good friends, Hugo Verweij and Kimberly Lloyd, collaborated to create a special Qompendium x Cleartones ringtones pack. One is the letter “Q” in melodic Morse code. The other consists of a clear sound to grab the… [ Continue reading ]

Leica Edition Hermès

Yesterday Leica presented their new limited edition sets created in collaboration with Hermès. The exclusive M9-P “Edition Hermès” and the M9-P “Edition Hermès – Série Limitée Jean-Louis Dumas incorporate “Veau Swift” calfskin leather in “ocre,” supplied by Hermès for the leathering of the silver-chromed version of the… [ Continue reading ]


Good news! After a super successful launch of the first edition of Cleartones, Hugo made a set of 50 Cleartones Notifications to get rid of the standard and annoying notification sounds on your phone. Since iOS 5 came out iPhone users now finally can set custom tones for… [ Continue reading ]

Road Inc.

Where Cyclepedia was the must-have app for bike lovers, Road Inc. is it for car-lovers. It’s is a museum like experience with fully interactive Anthology of Cars. ‘Richer than the heaviest book, deeper than a video collection, more immersive than a game, Road Inc. offers users a… [ Continue reading ]

Cyclepedia for the iPad

The book was already amazing, but with the iPad app they’ve gone next level. Cyclepedia, Michael Embacher’s book on the most extraordinary and rare bicycles is now interactive. With 360º spins of every bike, video features, original brochures, contemporary advertising, engineering drawings, rare illustrations and the ability to… [ Continue reading ]

Post Gravity

“What awaits us beyond constraints of time, form and place” Last week one of todays most challenging magazines for the iPad launched its second issue. Post Gravity, an amazing publication full of moving images, beautiful sounds and inspiring articles focussing on fashion, art,… [ Continue reading ]

Other Edition

I love magazines, but I don’t like it that they are slowly taking over my studio space. Other Edition is the answer. I can cary almost all my favorite magazines with me. It’s all in one app on my iPad. Amongst them are Frame,… [ Continue reading ]

My Favorites

My 5 favorite iPad apps, as shared on Ajanaku > 1. Financial Times — Best news app, and by far best translation in design and usability from paper news to digital news. 2. iA Writer — Super stylish… [ Continue reading ]

Another Channel

WeTransfer, the extremely nice and easy to use file sharing site with its huge wallpapers in the background was already our favorite. Mon ami Nalden, partner behind this all, gave me this little present: Another Channel. My own file sharing channel with my… [ Continue reading ]

The Nano Hummingbird

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I remember the first time seeing a hummingbird, impressed by the beauty and perfection of this little creature. AeroVironment developed this Nano Hummingbird (The Nano Air Vehicle -NAV-, a new class of air vehicle systems capable of indoor and outdoor operation). With a total of 18… [ Continue reading ]


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Nieves Zines made a little app for you iphone and ipad to download and collect your favorite zines, carefully edited and adapted for the multi-touch screen. Leaf through each Zine from front to back, identical to the original and save your favorite pages as… [ Continue reading ]

Strange Rain

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Nº35. My favorite app: Strange Rain for your iPad and iPhone >… [ Continue reading ]


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Qompendium just shared this beautiful handcrafted crystal iPhone and iPod Touch stand by CalypsoCrystal with us and I instantly fell in love! Usually I’m not a big fan of crystal, but this one is made with such an elegance and restraint that I just… [ Continue reading ]

City Guides

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I bought some of them the past months and I liked the content, but found it not worth a printed publication since the content needs to be updated quite often. But now the Wallpaper City Guides became available on your iPhone. The ‘tightly edited,… [ Continue reading ]