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The Limits of Control

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In the Limits of Control Jarmusch brings coolness to a higher level, partially due to the efforts of probably the greatest cinematographer alive right now; Christoper Doyle. His sense for composition, color, focus and depth is incredible. So combine the sense for style, items and details from… [ Continue reading ]

The Endless Summer

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The Endless Summer is another great post by Still Stile. ‘If you love the seashore and if you’re fond of surfing you will definitely like Bruce Brown’s documentary, one of the first ever shot on surf culture. Still if you don’t like surfing or even the… [ Continue reading ]

Ghost Dog

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Again, two fabulous movies featured by Still Stile: Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) and Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999). Ghost Dog director Jim Jarmusch is one of these contemporary directors that know how to portray coolness in a… [ Continue reading ]

Gama No Abura

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‘Up until now the best film I’ve visited in the cinemas this year. It’s the first movie directed by Kôji Yakusho, known as an actor. Yakusho must like style, for the fact that most of the caps I’ve selected from this film subjects his character (young and… [ Continue reading ]

Waking From A Coma

Jesse Kanda, director, designer and visual artist based in London, made this beautiful and bizarre short animation movie using multiple animation techniques ranging from traditional frame by frame to 3D expressions. Feeling a little bit like this after my short stay in the hospital last week the title fits perfectly… [ Continue reading ]

Dalkomhan Insaeng

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Dalkomhan Insaeng (2005), the best Korean gangster epos there is. Not a lot of styles on menswear in this weeks choice; A Bittersweet Life is all about cinematographic style. Continue reading at Still Stile >… [ Continue reading ]

Still Stile

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Our former intern at Tenue de Nîmes, Riekele started a blog dedicated to style in cinema. Movie reviews in details, in style and in stills. The core lies in the beauty of well composed cinema and style elements used to provide the perfect image. Say hello… [ Continue reading ]


‘INFLUENCERS is a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment.’ A must see!… [ Continue reading ]

Rockaway Taco

I very much liked the series of pictures by Todd Selby of Andrew Field, Rockaway Taco, posted a few months back. Now The Selby made a movie on Rockaway Taco as the first in a new series of videos. Looking forward to the upcoming videos! (Via… [ Continue reading ]


I love this short movie Words by Everynone (in collaboration with WNYC’s Radiolab & NPR, Directed by Daniel Mercadante & Will Hoffman) Such a nice movie! (Thanks Nalden for sharing)… [ Continue reading ]

Transit Elite

Two of our favorite brands teamed up to create a special Transit Elite Sweater in Nepal. Rapha & Apolis Activism. ‘Luckily enough, Shea Parton of Apolis Activism and Cole Maness of Rapha were able to cycle these mountains, and it’s inspiring to… [ Continue reading ]

№ 5

Tim Burton―director of the underdogs, odd-balls, freaks, and supernaturals with works like Alice In Wonderland, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, and Beetlejuice―is the first auteur that comes to mind during the Christmas season for me thanks to 1993's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Now, with a career-spanning retrospective going on at NYC's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), all New Yorkers will be able to understand his warped sensibilities, respect for the mutated, and appreciation for the dementia that flows through the veins of our modern societies. Tim Burton, as we all ought to know, is much more than just the man who made Batman. Obviously, while I think we all should check out the MoMA exhibit―which, by the way, features numberless drawings, sketches, character designs, storyboards, and so on from the man's archives―I recognize that that's impossible for most, so I've decided to discuss three of my Tim Burton favorites, all of which I hold are severely under-appreciated. [ Continue reading ]

№ 4

The movie news of the year―at least on this side of the Atlantic―has almost wholly revolved around Spike Jonze's filmic adaptation of Maurice Sendak's seminal children's book, Where the Wild Things Are, an innocent-looking 48-page essential that no good mother would be caught without. The big screen version of the generation-transcending classic is quite visually spectacular and emotionally moving (I'm not going to get into criticism or review here―The New Yorker's for that), which is, not incidentally, what most Sendak fans assumed it wouldn't be. ("How can you―and why do you want to―inject live-action life into a masterpiece of the two dimensional?" many asked.) The magical transformation from innocuous paperback to grandiose $100-million-dollar-budget silver screen spectacle can be explained by noting the importance of a simple "a-ha" moment Jonze had several years ago upon splitting with his girlfriend Sophia Coppola: The Wild Things embody wild emotions (anger, fear, and loathing; happiness, exuberance, and excitement). The trouble-making director, along with one of this generation's most lauded scribes, Dave Eggers, transformed Sendak's bedtime story into an exploration of the most primordial feelings that unify us all.

Unusually, the film did not come attached with the usual Disney-style marketing package (numerous throw-away action figures, cheap pajamas, lunch boxes, video games, and so on), but rather a sort of grassroots call to (creative) arms. Where The Wild Things Are gave people the bug to simply create in reverential celebration of a seminal work of toddler fiction. Obviously, Jonze et al. had a roll in the development of these "extended value" efforts, but theirs was more of the warm, encouraging father than the demanding, out-of-touch boss. Read on for a rundown of some of my favorite objects that were created in concordance with the flick. [ Continue reading ]


Seroj pointed me to this lovely short documentary on Brooks saddles with beautiful images of the factory and the craftsman working there. The documentary was made for the Bicycle Film Festival by, directed by Philipp von Kap-herr, story by Andrea Meneghelli. [ Continue reading ]

The Belgrade Phantom

A Time to Get shared this fantastic trailer of The Belgrade Phantom. Based on a true story: ‘Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1979. While Yugoslav president Tito was in Cuba settling international matters, a mysterious Phantom occupied the attention and hearts of Belgrade. Every night, he performed spectacular driving… [ Continue reading ]

Amongst Friends

Yesterday we were amongst friends and watched ‘Man Som Hatar Kvinnor’ (Men Who Hate Women) by Niels Arden Oplev, based on Stieg Larsson‘s Millenium-series. It is definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen lately! Thank you Nalden for sharing!… [ Continue reading ]


Beautiful images in this abstract short by Field. ‘A meditation about the pursuit of an idea; about obstacles, struggle and failure along the way… The constant transformation of the landscape shapes and their surfaces is based on generated motion sequences of drifting and constantly transforming surface structures, which… [ Continue reading ]


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‘In 2014, the Olympic Games will take place in Sochi, Russia. Never before have the Olympic Games been held in a region that contrasts more strongly with the glamour of the Games than Sochi… Between now and 2014 the area around Sochi will change beyond recognition. The extreme makeover is… [ Continue reading ]

Lady Noir

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The Lady Noir Affair by Olivier Dahan is a short movie which will be released over the next two years. A very nice way to share the new collactions of Dior! Enjoy chapter one here. [ Continue reading ]

Chewing Color

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New York based artist Marilyn Minter works on the edge of fine and commercial art. “Co-opting advertising genres and related spaces, she takes a new platform to direct her first video. The eight minute high definition video, Green Pink Caviar (2009) is a lush and sensual voyeuristic hallucination. [ Continue reading ]