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Constructing Motion

Last week we got a mail from André Hemstedt and Tine Reimer who recently finished their photography diploma piece called ‘Constructing Motion – Of Acting and Sensing in a System of Equilibrium’. Based on current and anticipated climatic events, the project examines the actions and perceptions of people… [ Continue reading ]

Pakayla Biehn

Just found out about the amazing works of Pakayla Biehn. Beautiful photorealistic paintings, like multiple-exposure photographs of super romantic dream-like scenes. Blossoms, flowers, girls in light dresses, a beautiful energy, the play with sun light, shapes and colors when the images overlapping each other and dream and reality… [ Continue reading ]

Charles Matton — Enclosures

I love studio’s, ateliers, factories, places where things are being made, crafted and created. Like Todd Selby showed us the homes-, and Paul Barbera the workshops of the creative class in photography, so did Charles Matton in miniature versions of famous artists’ studios, including Freud’s, Giacometti’s and Bacon’s, giving us a close look behind the scenes of these masters. Along with these the miniature spaces represent real world interiors and revisited memories from Matton’s own life. [ Continue reading ]


Next week the Toronto based gallery Narwhal Art Projects will open an exhibition with new works by Carly Waito. Just graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design, Carly creates hyper realistic oil paintings of semi-precious gems and minerals. Beautiful layered, almost fragile and colorful paintings exposing… [ Continue reading ]

Human Genome Project

Swiss artist Valentina De’ Mathà just finished this amazing work of art, the Human Genome Project. Intrigued by the fact that all races are equal to 99.99% she started to collect the hair of all ethnicities from all over the world, with ads on the major social networks… [ Continue reading ]

Katsuya Kamo by The Selby

Todd Selby shot another great space. This time it is the house of Tokyo based hairstylist Katsuya Kamo. Walls filled with art, animals and treasures and scrapbooks crammed with pictures and inspiration. Specially love the flower artwork where he is working on at that… [ Continue reading ]

The High Seas

Just found these amazing set of 26 Wooden Nautical Flags by Best Made Company. The flags are based on the International Code of Signals, each flag represents a letter in the alphabet. The panels are hand-painted in Best Made Company’s New York workshop on plywood with enamel &… [ Continue reading ]

Eric White

I’ve always been a huge fan of the work of Eric White. Now you can vote on his images to opt for a print. Sure, to own an original piece by White is much better, but a print is a good start. [ Continue reading ]

Tom Sachs by The Selby

Todd Selby released his second short movie portraying the New York based artist Tom Sachs in his studio. I’ve always been a big fan of Sachs’ work, and love his ‘Knolling‘ (the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as… [ Continue reading ]

Glass blowing

Love this video by showing the innovative glass blowing technique developed by Omer Arbel for Bocci to make the 28 chandelier. It showcases an unconventional glass craft approach which involves reversing the direction of airflow (out of the glass matrix instead of into… [ Continue reading ]

Post Gravity

“What awaits us beyond constraints of time, form and place” Last week one of todays most challenging magazines for the iPad launched its second issue. Post Gravity, an amazing publication full of moving images, beautiful sounds and inspiring articles focussing on fashion, art,… [ Continue reading ]


I just found out about the amazing works of Gregory Euclide. Bizarre relief paintings and installations, including beautiful album art for Bon Iver and this new work for the Museum of Arts and Design, New York. Otherworldly: optical delusions and small realities, is a… [ Continue reading ]


The last 24 hours of the very inspiring exhibition Antiphotojournalism, an exhibition on the change in photojournalism today in the Amsterdam museum for photography Foam, will be taken over by a group of speakers, bloggers and artists. Coup is an event organized by Foam Lab and… [ Continue reading ]


It looks like my hometown Utrecht is slowly waking up. Sure, we've had already for a long time one of the best (gentle)men's shop of the Netherlands called Cris, a few really good restaurants like my favorite Restaurant Deeg, and the best coffee at The Village Coffee & Music.
But it looks like more entrepreneurs daring to do exciting things. [ Continue reading ]

Lenneke van der Groot

Lenneke van der Groot made these beautiful works for the temporary exhibition ‘Ondertekend’ in the Amstelpark in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The exhibition with works by 7 illustrators/artist opened last Sunday and will stay until the 20th of may (open from thursday till sunday form 12h till… [ Continue reading ]

L_A_N Magazine

We lately found out about this ad-free print magazine called L_A_N, ‘a publication for the fashionable futurist with an interest in the world of tomorrow, today.’ It’s a melting-pod of crazy, beautiful, challenging and cutting edge features on design, fashion and refreshing perspectives. Their second issue showcases… [ Continue reading ]


Design Boom shared this beautiful work by artist Takayuki Hori. ‘Oritsunagumono’ (translated as ‘things folded and connected’) is a collection of origami works created to highlight the environmental threat of pollution to a number of species native to Japan’s coastal waterways. The folded translucent origami sheets are printed… [ Continue reading ]

The White Review

Every time a new title hits the newsstands I’m happy to see print is far from dead – and so are the publications with unpublished fiction, essays on the arts and politics and long interviews without shouting quotes and screaming headlines. The White Review is a quarterly arts,… [ Continue reading ]

Ted Parker

I found out about Ted Parker at The Village Coffee & Music where he’s exhibiting his latest works. I simply love his absurd view on things, the strange figures with smiles like Aphex Twin, the bright color paintings vs. simple black and white illustrations. Take a look… [ Continue reading ]

The Luminant Point Arrays

An incredible project by Berlin based artist Stephan Tillmans – ‘The Luminant Point Arrays show tube televisions in the moment they are swithed off. The television picture breaks down and creates a structure of light. The pictures refuse external reference and broach the issue of the difference between… [ Continue reading ]

Somewhere Place

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Next month Galerie Gabriel Rolt will host a new show by Ryan McGinley – Somewhere Place. It will be his second solo exhibition in the Netherlands (the first one was at Foam). ‘McGinley’s elaborate and rigorous process of photo-making creates moments of… [ Continue reading ]


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Love this new work ‘Sinners’ by Swyndle & Hawks. A series of 7 hand sewn patches with the icons of our youth, al in a ton-sur-ton black leather. Swyndle & Hawks describes themselves as ‘thieves’, acquiring the everyday icons, ‘degenerate them from their exaggeration and leave them… [ Continue reading ]

A Fantasy in Life

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Nam, the Tokyo-based graphic collective, will run an exhibition/creation to share their believe that we can find fantasy right in the reality. “We try to present the ambiguousness of the recognition of what is ‘fake’ and what is ‘real’ by showing the setup images created by… [ Continue reading ]


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Occupy comes with 19 new prints in their shop. Amongst them there are 5 beautiful prints from Kirsty Whiten. ‘Kirsty Whiten is one of the rising stars of the Scottish art world. She has exhibited internationally and been involved with numerous projects over the… [ Continue reading ]