Svbscription V8

We really appreciated the last parcel of luxury subscription service Svbscription. What was already the eighth parcel stood for timelessness, quality and a respect for function: all things that iconic pieces have in common. A parcel of classics, focussed on enhancing the style and home of each recipient. The entranceway, coffee table, bar and closet were all considered within the curation. Creating classics meant challenging the Svbscription collaborators to push their own practice in new directions. The brief was to revere the old, but create something new. This resulted in the fact that Australian industrial design duo Daniel Emma designed a set of marble coasters cut from the finest Italian and Spanish marble. Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, the French glass artist best known for one-off large-scale sculptures, crafted individually hand blown whiskey glasses. Bespoke tailor Paul Marlow made an elegant tie, bow tie and scarf, and The Paris Review provided some dignified reading material. In our eyes a great set of modern classics was created living up to the high standard Svbscription has already set for itself.

What stood out in the parcel were the marble coasters by Daniel Emma. Fabricated to protect any valued surface from unwanted stains and blemishes. Its shape derived from the material, which allowed for crisp edges and sharp visual lines. Each set of coasters forms a geometric trivet for you to display proudly, rather than hide in a drawer. Where the original subscribers received the Negro Marquina and Carrara, the premium received the amazing Portoro and Statuary, which both mean black and white color tones, with the Portoro and Statuary having the perfect premium finishing.

Also the individually hand blown glasses by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert were amazing. Made of glass and supplementary heat, sweat, teamwork, passion, and without any molds. Each glass is invariably unique.  The parcel was completed with the classic among classics: a cashmere Tie, Bow Tie and Scarf (premium edition only) by Paul Marlow and some of the most classy reading material around: the latest edition of The Paris Review which conveniently among other subjects features a revealing interview with Mad Man creator Matthew Weiner.

We love how Svbscription continues to deliver luxury parcels of the highest standard and look forward to V9, which was named ‘Destinations’ and will ship out on the 1st of June.

Make sure to sign up for the promising V9: Destinations here.