Susanne Kaufmann Advent Calendar

Susanne Kaufmann, who both created a spa concept and is a producer of organic cosmetics, celebrates its 10-year anniversary. For this occasion, 24 companions from the last 10 years have been asked to name their favorite product from the care line, talk about their loveliest indulgent experience and mention the tea they like relaxing in the spa with the most. The story of the spa and cosmetics line started when Susanne Kaufman implemented her visionary spa concept for the first time in Hotel Post in Bezau. The in-house cosmetics brand Susanne Kaufmann organic treats emerged seemingly incidentally around the same time. And thus began the story of the brand Susanne Kaufmann which now has 60 unique products that are sold internationally and a unique spa concept that is featured in selected hotels around the world.

In 24 surprises, the wait for Christmas is shortened in a lovely way. 24 gifts that pamper, delight, surprise and which communicate the special quality and sustainable principles behind the Susanne Kaufmann brand. 24 gifts with little stories that tell which recipe Ingo Metzler, the cosmetics producer, likes to eat the most, which cream director of training Stephanie Rist prefers or which tea managing director of Hotel Post, Beate Kopf, enjoys relaxing with the most.

From an early age Susanne Kaufmann has been fascinated by the idea of using the intensive effect of the Alpine plant world in a modern manner for beauty, health and comfort. She began to realize this idea in a very special place, the first Susanne Kaufmann spa in Hotel Post Bezau. Subsequently, together with a team of pharmacists and dermatologists, she developed powerful results-oriented products for the applications in this spa and later to become available for others too, strictly from natural ingredients. With kin-specific formulas and the greatest possible compatibility as part of the concept from the very beginning.

Available at Mouki-London and online here.